Every week thousands of people in the United States request information on owning a Chick-fil-a franchise. They want to know if there are locations available in their area, how much it costs, and when they can buy one. Out of all those applications, only about 75 are accepted, and only one will become an operator. About 80 people become operators per year.

We speak to many people every week that ask us, “How do I become a Chick-fil-a Owner?”

The answer will discourage many buyers. Chick-fil-a has a very selective process, and they do not allow passive investments in the business. They want their owners to be completely hands-on and solely devoted to Chick-fil-a. Company culture, values, and commitment to quality are the company’s foundation. As an owner, you must fit into this culture with a long history of conservative religious values.

So, what makes Chick-fil-a such an attractive franchise to own?

  • Pick any day of the week (except Sundays, when they are closed), and you will see a line of cars in the drive-thru that may even stretch into the roads blocking traffic.  
  • The average restaurant produces $5.3 million in gross annual sales.
  • Their customer service is unmatched by competitors, and they are consistent at every location – food quality, service speed, and training.
  • It is a safe investment.
  • Strong company values.
  • Brand recognition.

With the competition so great, are there any alternatives? The answer is yes. These are just a few reasons Chick-fil-a gets thousands of applications daily.

Alternatives to Buying a Chick-fil-a Franchise.

Although Chick-fil-a has a lot to offer, some alternatives have the same qualities that make Chick-fil-a a winner in the fast-food industry. Big brands may have more exposure and loyalty from customers and franchisees, but you should look at other options. 

Professional Franchise Brokers has hundreds of franchises in our inventory. We have new concepts, smaller brands (with more open territory available), and some big brands. Being a Chick-fil-a franchisee may not be an option for you; there are many other great franchises to discover. Finding a franchise that fits your lifestyle and goals is more important.

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